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Is it really that big of a deal?

On high school and college campuses, a surprising market has developed and proved lucrative for its leaders. Individuals, through time and refined skills, have nearly perfected the art of duplicating legal documentation. Why would fraudulent identification cards be desirable to a high school senior? Because it allows one to say they are of the age disclosed on the ID, thereby giving them access to alcohol and other activities that are otherwise restricted for their age group. Simply stated, fake ID's breed underage drinking, underage clubbing, and underage smoking.

While the common perception of fake IDs is associated with thoughts of juvenile mischief and trouble making, it is actually against the law to possess a fake ID in South Carolina and it is punished as a misdemeanor offense. Many who possess fake ID's do not consider the possibility of legal punishment if they are caught but this is a big mistake. Possession of a fake ID could lead to a criminal charge and severe penalties that affect one's immediate position and future pursuits.

What are the penalties for possession of a fake ID in Columbia?

While possession of fake ID's is commonly associated with youthful mischief, it is actually a criminal offense which carries a harsh penalty for a conviction. If your child has been arrested for possession of a cancelled, revoked, suspended or fraudulently altered driver's license, the state will most likely file charges under South Carolina Code of Laws §56-1-510 "Unlawful Use of License, Fraudulent Application," which classifies this offense as a misdemeanor crime and assigns it a penalty of 30 days in country jail, or up to six months for a second or subsequent offense.

It is additionally possible to be charged under §56-1-515, which involves using another person's license or an altered license to defraud another person or to violate the law, which is punishable by 30 days in jail, or alerting a driver's license so as to provide false information on the license, which carries a six month jail sentence and a $2,500 fine. An arrest for any type of crime can be an especially serious matter for a college student, who may face consequences such as loss of scholarship, academic disciplinary actions including suspension from the university and a criminal record which can have a major negative impact on future career prospects.

Columbia Criminal Attorney for Fake ID Cases

If you are visiting this page, it is likely that you are searching for information on the legal implications that an arrest for possessing a fake ID may have. As Columbia criminal defense attorneys at Masella Law Firm, P.A., we are glad that you came to us for answers to your questions. The reality is that, if you're facing a charge or you are the parent of a child who was caught using a fake ID, the potential penalties are not a joke.

It is important that you take quick action to defend yourself against the prosecutors because if you are convicted of this offense, it could have bad implications for your freedom as an adult, your future as a student and your career goals as a future professional. We want to help you fight the charges and avoid conviction as much as possible so that you are provided every opportunity in the future to thrive and be successful.

When you contact our Columbia criminal defense lawyers to help with your case, you will quickly learn that we are dedicated to helping you preserve your freedom and your future as one of Columbia's youth.

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